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Crazy Sale at Walmart - ESL Worksheet

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Today's article is about Walmart's crazy sale this past week. I've included a table and questions about some of the world's largest corporations. The table could be used as an IELTS Writing Task 1 as well.

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Crazy Sale at Walmart

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 Did you ever wish you had more money to spend? At Walmart last week, people did not need much money to buy some expensive things. 

Computer monitors sold for $9 and treadmills cost $33! 

Treadmills often cost more than $500. People wrote about the crazy sale on Facebook and Twitter. Others told their friends. When people heard about these prices, they rushed to Walmart. They tried to buy whatever they could. A man bought a $2000 television for only $300. Another man bought a digital projector for about $10. 

Walmart also has an online store. They sell things online for the same price that you find at the store. Many people bought things for low prices at Walmart's online store.

All of this was only for a short time. Walmart had an error in their computers, so many prices were wrong. When Walmart saw their mistake, they stopped the sales. Then they cancelled online sales. They told everyone who bought things online that they could not buy these items for such a low price. They promised everyone a $10 gift card to use at Walmart. Some people were happy about the gift card. 

Others were angry that Walmart did not honor their prices.

They said, "If Walmart lists the price at $10, then they must give it to us for that price!"

Walmart is the largest corporation in the world. It is a family-owned company with 2 million employees. Walmart earns about $470 billion dollars a year in sales.

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