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The Friends We Have - ESL Worksheet

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Today's article is about different kinds of friends. Students read about the different kinds and think about the friends they have. I hope your students enjoy this week's article.

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Did you know that people who have friends are happier and live longer? We all need friends in life. Some are close and some are not. We all need different kinds of friends to have a full social life. There are different kinds of real friends in life. 

We all have acquaintances. They are not true friends, but are very much like a friend. An acquaintance is someone you see often. You are friendly with them, but not close. You do not tell your problems to an acquaintance. You do not share secrets with them. Examples are neighbors, people in your class or colleagues.

A mentor is a wise friend who gives you excellent advice. She may be older or have more experience in life. She may be someone at work that you can turn to.  A mentor may not share her secrets with you, but she is happy to help you in your personal life.

Bachelor Pal
A bachelor friend is someone you turn to for fun. He may be your friend from high school. He may even be married. That is not the important thing. The important thing is that he has time to have fun with you. You may not be very close, but you enjoy your time together.

Best Friend
Your best friend is the one you call most often. You turn to her most and she does too. You are there for each other and know each other well. You share your joys and problems. You share your secrets. You trust your friend and she never breaks that trust. Your best friend does not judge you. She is there simply to be your friend.

A twin friend is someone who is very much like you. They grew up in the same place and speak the same language. They come from a family like yours. They may even be a family friend. They share the same beliefs and values. Such friends know you because they are so like you. You feel close to them because your lives are similar. Because you are alike in so many ways, you understand and support each other.

All friends need our time and support. We must be thankful for our friends and be a good friend in return.

They say that a friend is someone with whom you can be yourself. This sums up the definition of any true friend, no matter what kind!

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 To download the worksheet for this article, please click below.

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