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The Girl Who Lived Alone

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Today's worksheet helps students understand sequence of events. It is  a short story about Juana Maria, the girl described in the book Island of the Blue Dolphins by author Scott O'Dell.

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This is a true story about a girl who lived a long time ago. Her name was Juana Maria. Juana Maria lived on a small island with her people. An island is a body of land that has water all around it. This island is near California.

Juana's tribe fought with another tribe from far away. There was a lot of fighting until Juana’s people decided to leave the island. Juana and all her people got on a ship to leave the island. Suddenly, Juana's little brother left the ship to get something. Her brother did not return in time. Juana did not want to leave her brother alone. She jumped off the boat and swam back to the island, to be with him. Juana and her brother were the only two people on the island.

Things went well for some time. Then, one day, Juana’s little brother was killed by wild dogs. After that, Juana lived alone on the island for a long time. She had no company except her dog. Juana had many challenges, but she learned to take care of herself.

After twenty years, some people came to the island from America. They saw Juana and took her to America with them. They named her Juana Maria. No one knew Juana’s language so she spoke in signs. Juana used signs to tell people her story. Sadly, Juana died some weeks after she left the island.

Since that time, people have been interested in Juana's story. They have tried to find her cave on the island. Some authors also wrote about Juana Maria in books and newspapers.

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