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Russian Automaker builds 27 million cars! - ESL Article

Russian Automaker builds 27 million cars!(Российская компания строит 27 млн. автомобилей)

What do you think of, when you think of Russia? Many people think of snow or fur hats. Some people think of borscht, or beet soup.  Most people don't think of cars when they think of Russia.  A Russian automaker may change all that! 

La Priora Hatchback

The automaker AvtoVAZ made its 27 millionth car some time ago. It is the La Priora hatchback, and costs around 9,000 euros.  That is about 11,000 USD. AvtoVAZ is Russia's largest automaker. They started making the La Prioria hatchbacks in 2007.

With the coming of capitalism, there has been many changes in Russian life in the past many years.  Russian people are more affluent now.  This means they have more money and more things. There are more luxury goods like cars.  There is more money in the hands of the people.  

These changes allow people to build businesses and create jobs. This helps to raise the standard of living for Russian society. Russian people are ready to enjoy the benefits of these changes. They are slowly moving to a higher standard of living.

Speaking Practice - Class/Group Discussion
Now that Russia is producing more and becoming wealthier, how do you think life in Russia will change?  How will these changes affect Russia's economy, society and culture?

1. Why do you think Russia reminds some people of snow and fur?
2. What is a Russian soup that is made from beets?
3. How many La Prioria Hatchbacks could you buy with $30,000? How much would you have left?
4. What kind of economy did Russia have before?
5. What are some good changes that have come with capitalism? Does the article mention any negative changes?
6. Why are people able to buy more things now?
7. What is meant by "standard of living"?

* Imagine that you had $50,000 to spend. How would you spend it? What would you buy? How much would you save? Make a list and share it with a friend. Compare your lists with each other.
* What is a car that you would love to have? Describe it and why you want it.
* What does capitalism mean to you? Does capitalism equal wealth, in  your mind?
* What kind of government does your country have? How is it similar to the government of the United States? How is it different?
* THINK & WRITE  Do you think there will be increased pollution in Russia? What do you think will happen to gas prices with all these new cars on the road? Is more technology always a better thing? Why or why not? Use the vocabulary words from this article, if  you can.

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