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Movember - ESL Worksheet

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Today’s article is about Movember, a mustache growing charity event held every year in November. Movember was started to raise awareness of prostate cancer and to raise funds for prostate cancer treatment. I was shocked to learn that prostate cancer is an even bigger problem than breast cancer!

Here are some facts that I learned about prostate cancer from the Movember site at

In the US, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime making it the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men after skin cancer. In 2013, over 238,000 new cases of the disease will be diagnosed and almost 30,000 men will die of prostate cancer in the US alone.

Despite these figures, the level of awareness, understanding and support for prostate cancer lags significantly behind that of women’s health causes.

·         A man is 35% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than a woman is to be diagnosed with breast cancer.
·         One new case of prostate cancer occurs every 2.2 minutes and a man dies from the disease every 17.5 minutes.
·         The incidence rates are double for African American men.
·         If detected and treated early, prostate cancer has a 97 percent success rate.

There are all eye-openers, yet the success rate is encouraging. We can help the men in our lives by encouraging them to get screened. A short visit to the right doctor is all it takes.

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Mustache and funky glasses

Did you know that prostate cancer is a big problem in America? About 20,000 men die from it each year. Only men get this kind of cancer. Many people are aware of breast cancer, but they forget about prostate cancer. Some men in Australia wanted to help men with prostate cancer. They wanted to raise money for a cure. Thirty men grew a mustache for thirty days. A mustache is hair that grows on the lip. They told people their reason, and they also sold T-shirts. People wanted to help, so they bought the T-shirts. They also told other people about the project. This was in 1999. The men named their project Movember.

Movember is a portmanteau word. It has to do with mustaches in November. Since 1999, Movember has grown to be something big. So far, Movember has raised 175 million dollars for their project.

Movember is a fun project for people. Every year they have a contest for the best mustache. The man with the best mustache becomes famous. His face is used as the Movember face for one year. Many men grow mustaches the whole month. They try to win this famous contest.

Movember has helped many men with cancer. When some men hear about it, they go to the doctor. They get screened for prostate cancer. The doctor checks if they have the cancer. Those who have it get treatment. It is better to treat your cancer early. This makes is easier to heal the body of cancer.

There have been some problems with Movember. In 2007, a high school boy was not allowed to take his exams. His school does not allow mustaches. They told him that he must shave his mustache. The boy refused to shave it, and got into trouble. People were upset with the boy’s school. They said that the mustache was for a good cause. Others said that the school is right. Rules are rules!

There was also a problem of money with Movember. Some directors were taking high salaries. The salaries were much too high. People became angry. They said that the money must go to treat cancer. The money is not for people’s pockets!

All in all, Movember is a success. Men are getting treated for cancer. People are coming together for a good cause!

To download the worksheet for this activity, please click below.

Movember ESL Worksheet PDF
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