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All About Libraries & Library of Congress - Printable ESL Worksheet

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

This week's Monday Morning Worksheet is all about libraries. With summer just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to discuss the benefits of libraries with my students. 

The main task for this week's worksheet is a short article with comprehension questions. Following the questions, students plan and write an essay about libraries (Think & Write). I've also included a few short related articles to read and discuss once students have finished the essay. The Scavenger Hunt task can be given for homework.

Encouraging Students to Get Library Cards
Students have just enough time to go to a library, explore getting a library card, and come back to class with questions and feedback for their classmates. If I could, I'd have all my students get a library card as a homework assignment, but this is not always practical!

Man holding a blue and white public library card
Libraries Can Be Intimidating
I've found that ESL students, unfortunately, can find libraries intimidating - all those books they can't read or understand! Talking about libraries and how to get a library card can help to demystify libraries so that students can take advantage of this amazing resource. Another priceless benefit is that adult ESL students will often take their children with them! I advise my students to take their kids and even ask their older kids for help if they need to.
Computer and books - Online Book Collections
Use Your Computer As a Library!
Not everyone can get to a library, so I've included some online sites that students can use to read stories and articles.

Oxford Primary

Children's Storybooks Online

Stories to Read Online

Online Short Stories

A Different Worksheet Format
I wanted to try doing a worksheet in a newsletter/pamphlet kind of format, just to do something a little different. What do you think about this week's format? Did you find it more enjoyable or just confusing? Did your students like it or do they seem to do better with a traditional top-to-bottom format? I'd love to know what you think!

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Faiza Raintree

To download the worksheet for this activity, click on the link below.
All About Libraries - PDF Worksheet - Download

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