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Mel's Diner - Quick Vocabulary Review

Mel's Diner

American Diner - Round Counter with Red Booths

I hope your students enjoyed this Monday's worksheet on American DinersHere's a quick vocabulary review activity for it. 

diner                    restaurant
casual                  popular
employee             typical
stainless steel      exterior
booth                  stool
counter               shipped
owner                 menu

Directions: Fill in each blank in the story with the word that fits best.

Emma and Chris were married on the first of May. The next morning, Emma and Chris decided to go out for breakfast. Chris asked Emma where she would like to go. Chris enjoyed fancy _____. He wanted to take Emma to a fancy _____ for breakfast. However, Emma wanted to go someplace _____. She was tired from a late wedding. Also, she did not want to dress up too much. The couple decided to go to a nearby _____ for breakfast, called Mel's Diner.

Mel's Diner Video Case

Mel's Diner was a _____ restaurant near the couple's new house. When Emma saw the diner, she was nervous. She remembered a TV show about a diner called Mel's Diner. The people in the show were funny, but the food was awful. No one liked the food at Mel's Diner. Chris said that a diner in real life was probably not the same as a _____ on television. Emma agreed, and so they went in.

Plate & Silverware

Emma and Chris walked in and liked what they saw. The _____ of the diner was typical, but the inside was very nice. The entire diner was red with shiny _____  trim. There were red counters with red _____, and beautiful red booths. The waiters, _____ at the diner, smiled at Emma and Chris when they walked in. There were only three visitors in the whole diner. All of them were at the _____. The booths were all empty. Emma and Chris chose a small _____ by a window.

window seat at a diner on a rainy day

While Emma and Chris were reading the _____, a waitress came by. She and Emma talked. Emma told her that they were newlyweds, married only the day before. The waitress looked happy and smiled at them. She told the owner of the diner about the couple. The _____ came out and smiled at them. He told them that his name was Melvin, but people called him Mel. Mel and his wife were also married on the first of May, thirty years ago. Mel and the couple spoke for a few minutes.

Suddenly, Mel said to Emma and Chris, "Wait a minute. I'll be back."

Mel came back with a basket of flowers. He put them on a large table and moved the couple to the table.

Basket of Flowers Illustration

Mel said, "These flowers were _____ from California, and came this morning. I'm so happy that you came to my diner for your first meal! Your breakfast is on the house. We'll make you a very special breakfast today!"

Pancake Breakfast

Mel made a lovely breakfast for the couple: bacon, eggs and fluffy pancakes. There was also orange juice and sparkling grape juice. For dessert, Emma and Chris shared an ice cream sundae with whipped cream on top. When the couple got up to leave, Mel rushed over and gave them the basket of flowers.

Mel smiled and said, "Enjoy these on your first day as newlyweds!"

The couple was surprised and pleased. They could not have wished for a better start to their new life!

Discuss & Write 
Tell about a time when someone did something unusually nice for you, or you did something for someone else. What was it? How did you feel?

To download  this activity & answer key, click below.
Mel's Diner Worksheet - PDF Link

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