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Diet Tips - 5 Ways to Control Your Hunger - ESL Worksheet

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope it's a beautiful Spring morning where you are, and that you are enjoying this morning! 

Today's Monday Morning Worksheet is about dieting & dieting vocabulary. Spring and Summer are popular seasons for going on diets and losing weight. This worksheet contains an article and activities for students about controlling food cravings on a diet.

A woman on a diet has food cravings. She takes a bite out of a chocolate bar

Hunger can be a problem for people on a diet. A person may want to lose weight to be healthy, or to fit into a dress. However, people fear diets because they fear being hungry. Here are some tips you can use to slim down without feeling hungry. Always speak with your doctor before you go on a diet!

1. Eat all your food in one place. Choose the kitchen or dining room. If you are at work, choose your desk or the dining hall. Eat only in this one place and do not eat anywhere else. If you only eat in the cafeteria, you will not think about eating when you are at your desk.
Black and white silhouette of couple eating and drinking at a dining table

2. Chew gum when you feel like snacking. Keep sugarless mint gum with you. If you are going to a football game with friends, chew on gum instead of popcorn. This will save you many empty calories.

Chiclets style chewing gum

3. Eat an apple when you want a snack. Apples are healthy and they also help you to feel full. Apples also take time to eat. This will give you time to resist unhealthy snacks.
Apple Place Setting
4. Have a small bowl of soup or salad at the start of your meal. Soups and salads add bulk to your meal. They help you to feel full with less food. Choose soups that are low in fat.
Bowl of salad
5. Think abundance. There will always be food for you to enjoy. Remember this when you have a slice of cake. Stop eating after you have one piece. Remember that there will be many times and places when you can have cake again! You will come across many delicious foods in your lifetime. This will not be the last time that you will be able to enjoy a treat! Enjoy your food while you eat it and look forward to a lifetime of healthy and delicious food!

4 pictures - eggs on toast, chicken, fish and steak


1.      What is one problem that people face when they go on a diet?
2.      What is one healthy fruit that you can have when you feel hungry?3.      Why is it a good idea to have soup at the start of your meal?
4.      What kind of soup should you have, when you are on a diet?
5.      What do you think the word "abundance" means, in this story?


1.      Study the table below. Circle the foods that are good to have on a diet.

Table of Healthy & Unhealthy Foods on a Diet

2.      Have you ever gone on a diet? How did you feel?
3.      What is another way to say "lose weight"?
4.      What are some tips you would give to someone who wants to lose weight?
5.      What are some tips you would give to a person who is unhappy with their body?
6.      What is a good diet? A bad diet?

7.      THINK & WRITE: Many people go on diets each year. Why do you think this is so? What are some good reasons to lose weight? What are some bad reasons?

Have a great week!
Faiza Raintree

To download the worksheet for this article, click below.
PDF - Diet Tips - 5  Ways to Control Your Hunger - ESL Worksheet

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