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IELTS Essay - Compare & Contrast - The Best Way to Use Your Spare Time

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This is an essay prompt similar to what students may encounter on the IELTS. It can be used for IELTS Task 2 practice or simply for essay practice. Students learn how to write a compare/contrast essay and practice using academic vocabulary.

I like to give students the prompt on Day 1 and then provide a model answer the next day. They seem to pay more attention to the essay if they've already had a shot at writing one themselves.
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IELTS Academic Vocabulary Table for Activity

Question: Some people believe that it is better to spend your free time on useful activities, while others feel that free time is best used for relaxation. What are your opinions on this?

Free time is limited, and therefore 1_____, to most people. As a result, many people carefully consider how to spend it. Some people feel that it is better to spend your spare time being busy and 2_____ yourself through useful activities, while others prefer to spend this time relaxing.

Those who prefer to use their 3_____ time to develop themselves and remain busy enjoy several 4_____. First, because such people are busy gaining knowledge and experience, they will be more likely to get ahead, both at work and in life. This getting ahead and increased ability and 5_____ could very well result in promotions and a higher salary at work. This would, in turn, lead to other benefits such as longer 6_____ and more money. As well, a person who has developed himself will feel better about himself, his knowledge and abilities, and will have more 7_____. This psychological benefit could be reason enough to some people to remain productive during their free time.

On the other hand, those who 8_____ to use their leisure time to relax have several arguments in their favor. For example, they probably enjoy less 9_____ and therefore better health. As we all know, stress levels and physical health are strongly linked. In addition, those who take time out to relax enjoy better 10_____ with their friends and family simply because they have more time to spend with them. Psychologists say that, when it comes to spending time with family, 11_____ is as important as quality. I strongly believe that having better relationships with those most important to us contributes to our overall quality of life. Lastly those who enjoy their spare time and use this time to rejuvenate and 12_____ themselves will ultimately perform better at work, since their minds and bodies will be rested. As a result, they will be ready to give everything they have at work. Who knows? Maybe they will get further 13_____ than those who spend all their time working!

To sum up, while those who prefer to work during their spare time have relevant 14_____, I believe that those who prefer to relax during this time will enjoy more benefits, both in their 15_____ lives and at work. Therefore, I think it is much more advantageous to use one's spare time to relax.

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