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5 Tips To Make Friends Easily - ESL Worksheet

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Today's article is about how to make friends. I tried to make the worksheet more like a magazine article in style and format. I included a short survey for students to do, to learn what kind of friend they are. I hope your students enjoy this week's worksheet.
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I'm Going on Vacation!
I will be going on vacation for about a month and won't have many chances to be online.  While I'm away, I'll still be posting my worksheets once a week, but as scheduled posts. Even so, please feel free to leave me feedback or suggestions, and I promise to answer when I get back.
I hope you enjoy this week's worksheet. Have a great week, and a great summer! See you in a month!  
Group of girlfriends sitting together
Friendship is important in life. We all have family, but friendship can add spice and enjoyment to life. Some people, however, find it difficult to make friends. They may be shy or may not feel confident. Others may be too busy to with work and family to make friends. Still, we all need a few friends. Here are some tips to help you make friends, even if you are shy or busy.

1.   Be warm & cheerful. No one likes to be around a person who is depressed and makes other people feel the same way. Enjoy the company of the person you are with. Do not put up a wall around you.

2.   Be yourself. Don't pretend to be something you're not. For example, don't pretend to have a lot of money when you don't have it. Also, don't pretend to have lots of friends if you have only a few.

3.   Listen. Learn to listen to others. People enjoy talking about themselves. If you listen well, you'll learn about the other person and whether or not you would be good friends. A side benefit is that you'll also develop your patience!

4.   Don't be too eager or familiar. If people see that you are too eager to make friends, they may become nervous or wonder why. This may cause them to keep away from you! True friendship takes time to build, so take your time!  
5.   Dress well. Wear nice clothes and dress neatly. This does not mean buying expensive clothes. Rather, wear clothes that look good and reflect your personal style.  

Take this survey to find out what kind of friend you are!
Two female friends dressed in jackets and hats
1.       Your friend gets a new dress and looks great in it. You:
A.       You wish it were your dress! You forget to tell her how nice she looks in the dress.
B.       You compliment your friend on the dress.

2.       Another friend says something bad about your friend.
A.       You stay quiet or you may even say something about your friend if she did the same thing to you.
B.       You defend your friend. 

3.       You call your friends:
A.       When you have a question or need something.
B.       When you want to say hello, or miss your friend.

4.       You are invited to a party but your friend is not. You:
A.       Call her and tell her that you were invited and how excited you are.
B.       Say nothing about the party.

5.       Your friend's father died. You:
A.       Forget to call him for days.
B.       Visit him and ask if there's anything you can do.

Did you answer mostly A? If so, you are the kind of friend who focuses more on yourself. If you answered mostly B, you focus more on the friendship.

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Click below to download the worksheet for this activity.

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