Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why I Love Worksheets!

workbooks on display in a teacher supply store
I love worksheets! 

As an ESL teacher, I don't know what I'd do without them. Like many teachers, I have a whole bookshelf of workbooks that I use for my classes.  Of course, I also have tons of worksheets, on file, on my computer.

My favorite worksheets are grammar worksheets that are simple and effective. I like to use Betty Azar's grammar books, but I haven't found anything I really like for testing. Really good grammar quizzes are hard to come by, so I usually make my own. An hour's work, properly filed away (the keyword here being properly!), saves me time & effort down the road.    

I use these two grammar quizzes as a pretest and post-test. Each takes about 10 minutes. The verbs are the same for both tests. 

I like pretests for two reasons:  

1. They help me to see where students are. 

2. They help students to see where they are! 

I always have a few students who are over-confident and think they know everything. This is not always a bad thing, but in this case it usually means the student turns smug and stops paying attention!

I'd be happy to post more grammar worksheets.

The quizzes can be used as practice or homework worksheets, as well.

I've only posted the pretest below, but both quizzes are available in the PDF file.

A. Simple Present - Regular Verbs

A. Write the correct form of the verb, for each sentence. (1 point)
1.     I _____ my mother in Texas every summer. (visit)
2.     Jane _____ a blue pen for tests. (use)
3.     My teacher _____ us when there will be a test. (tell)
4.     Most people _____ three meals a day. (eat)
5.     My children _____ at 8 o'clock. (sleep)
6.     I _____ to school with my dad. (ride)
7.     My mother _____ pancakes for dinner on Sundays. (make)
             Pancakes with butter & syrup on a red-checked tablecloth
8.     I _____ where Fred went! (wonder)
9.     Karen _____ French with her mother. (speak)
10.  I _____ in my diary every evening. (write)
11.  Larry _____ by airplane when he goes to Mexico. (travel)
12.  Jim fell and _____ his knee. (hurt)
13.  The printer _____ more ink. (need)
14.  My sons _____ their new toy! (love)
15.  Hercule Poirot _____ hot cocoa every morning. (drink)
16.  They _____the news every evening. (watch)
17.  After dinner, Fred and I _____ the dishes. (wash)
18.  It _____ every winter in New York. (snow)
19.  Both of us _____ French classes. (take)
20.  My alarm clock _____loudly at 5 o'clock every morning! (ring)

B. Write one sentence in the simple present. Choose from the verbs listed above. (5 points)

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