Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to Bed!

Once, many years ago, I got ready to go to work after staying up late the night before. It was snowing badly and I really didn't want to go. My mother-in-law was visiting that week and I wished that I could spend the day with her instead. (I have this really wonderful mother-in-law. Don't know how I got her, but there it is.). Anyway, when I got to school, I was the only one there. It was a snow day and I hadn't heard. This story reminds me of that day.

LEVEL: Beginner 

1. Do you go to school, or do you have a job?
2. How do you get to your school or job?

Ted is a student. He does not have a car. Ted goes to school by bus. Ted waits for the bus at the bus stop.
An empty bus stop with a bench near a company

Sometimes the bus comes late. Most days, there are a lot of people on the bus. When there are a lot of people on the bus, Ted must stand. Ted likes to sit so that he can read his book on the bus. Today, there are only a few people on the bus. 

A man sitting on a near-empty bus on the way to school

Ted is surprised. Why are there so few people on the bus? Ted sits and reads his book. When Ted gets to school, there are no students! 

A college teacher on an empty campus, walking to a university building

Ted sees his teacher Mr. Ames. 

Mr. Ames says, "Hello Ted, what are you doing at school today? There is no school for students!"

Ted forgot that there is no school today! Ted goes back to the bus stop and waits for the bus to go home.

Ted says to himself, "When I get home, I'm going back to bed!" (163 words)

A young college student looking sleepy and surprised

Complete the graphic about Ted, below. List the effect of each causeUse information from the story.

Graphic organizer describing cause & effect


Read each question and answer it.

1. Does Ted have a bicycle?

2. Does Ted like to sleep?

3. Where does Ted's bus go?

4. How many people are on the bus?

5. Where does Ted wait for the bus?

6. Is Ted’s teacher surprised to see him?

7. What does Ted do, when he gets home?

 To download & use as a worksheet, click on the icon below. 
PDF Link to Back to Bed! Worksheet

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